Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for a test, my process begins in the classroom while I listen to my professors' lectures. I take avid notes of the lesson for the day because I know that writing things down will help me to remember things better later on, even subconsciously. From writing down these notes from lectures, I have a helpful study resource that can fill in the gaps that my professors sometimes leave in the PowerPoint files that they upload to Canvas. For example, in my oceanography class, my professor will occasionally include slides with pictures of a scientific process, but he will exclude a description of what is exactly happening in the images. This tip has also helped me to remember deadlines for assignments and to prepare for speeches that I have had to present mostly from memory.

Another one of my test preparation practices is to rewrite all of my notes to further engrave the information into my memory. By handwriting these notes as opposed to typing them on a computer, I am requiring myself to think more intently about what I am trying to learn and remember. This way, I can also correct the wording of my previous notes and ponder their meaning to get a fuller and more in-depth understanding of them.

Lastly, I prepare for my upcoming tests by compiling all of the information that I need to study into a Word file. I usually do this by pulling from study resources offered by my professor or in the textbook and making a list of the key terms and concepts that I need to have secured in my memory for the test. For instance, I will take any study guide material that my professor has provided to me and a vocabulary section at the end of my textbook chapter and then combine those into a rough file. I structure this rough file with many blank spaces so that I can print out the document and return to my own handwriting to fill in the correct answers. Once I complete this document and write in all the answers, I keep it with me to flip through, study, and review.

Esther from Maryland
College Sophomore
Anne Arundel Community College