Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am someone who likes all my stuff color coded and organized in its place. When I am taking notes, I have certain pen and highlighter colors that coordinate to certain either a certain subject or heading. By having all of my work color coded, it makes it easier to locate my assignments and when studying I can locate where the information is at due to the colors. Another way I prepare for tests is that I would do the review the teacher give me and then cover up the answer and try to do it again. By doing this it helps me process the problem on my own and doing it as if it was an actual test. The third way I study is if what I am studying is vocabulary, I like to use quizlet and use their learn option. It is like flashcards but at the same time as a multiple choice test. This helps me process the definition in my head and then pick which word it goes with. The fourth way I study is I go to coffee shops with my friends who are studying for the same subject and we study together. This is beneficial because if there is something in which I do not get, I can ask my friend and vise versa. We can also quiz each other as if it is a test. These are the ways in which I prepare for a test and in which have all helped me do well.

Ninian from Nebraska
High School Senior
Lincoln North Star High School