Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For studying I use a couple of tactics that help me do well in tests. I have noticed that I tend to do a better job on my tests or quizzes if I have written down the content multiple times. For example, if I have vocabulary words I need to study, I write them down in my notebook with the definition following the word. Then after I separate the words and classify them by their part of speech, like whether it is a verb, noun, adj, etc. After that I create my own sentence using the word. I do this to truly understand the meaning of the word and not just remember a definition. I feel once I have done this I have more confidence going into a vocabulary test or quiz. In terms of studying for math I like to study a little differently. Since there are many formulas and terms in math there is a lot to remember. For formulas and important word or phrases I like to create flash cards for each term. I think this helps me distinguish each one. I also have a better understanding of what I need to study for when I write down my formulas every time I have a math problem that needs one. Also when doing this I try to not do any work in my head and write everything out so that I won't forget anything when I go back and look at my notes. I believe these are the best strategies for me to do well on tests or quizzes.

Kyra from California
High School Senior
Abraham Lincoln High School