Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

TEST! some very challenging for students, some very simple. Although we can all agree we have had one test were we felt we hadn't prepared enough for. Through the years of my education comes taking numerous of test while, study in many different techniques. The test preparation practices I have found for myself that have made myself succeed are repeatedly studying information I have gathered from annotation. This training exercise has helped my preparation for test immensely. Repeatedly studying my annotations, means finding a book for that subject, and looking father into the context. My first resort is a book because, books have important vocab, important summaries. As I read, I'm writing down important information that I have read in the book and discovering more about that summary or vocab word. This technique even works when you are caught in between a question, annotating allows you to find your answer. Once I feel I have gathered enough to be able to understand the topic, making notecards or typing notecards always allows myself to have that information that I gathered to remain in my memory and write it down in a way I can understand. Notecards are the icing on the cake, its a way to help me prepare for prepare because I can quiz myself repeatedly . Not just rereading repeatedly my notecards but as well as reading my notecards out loud to myself really helps me to understand the topic and I can memorize all my information I've gathered. For myself I always want the best ending result. Taking the time to work on these test preparation exercises is all worth it, hard work pays off. I recommend trying out my techniques for your test preparation, but I will let you know procrastination isn't any of my exercises.


anna from Washington
College Freshman
spokane falls comunity college