Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking can be very overwhelming if you do not prepare well. Although if you prepare the proper way it can be pretty simple and cause less stress on you in the long run. Note taking and covering them to flash cards has been how I have prepared for tests for a long time. Note taking is a great way to study I recommend to take notes by hand and you will remember more of the content because you write it by hand and research shows if you take notes by hand v by computer you are more likely to remember it if you do it by hand. Using flash cards is also very helpful and a great way to study because it helps you break everything down and lets you know which parts you know and which parts you dont know, I would also recommend to study in a quite place or somewhere where distractions will be at a minimum. If you do all these things and do them well i bet you it will bring down your stress and you will do much better on your tests.

Brady from Texas
College Freshman
tarrent county college