Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation is a common one, however I find it effective. I prefer to study right before I go to sleep. The mind processes the day and information we have received while we sleep. We also tend to forget the things we learn in the middle of the day as other information comes in and interferes with the things we can remember. By going to sleep right after I can minimize any other information coming in and can remember what I've studied better as it will be fresh in my mind and uninterrupted. It's called the regency effect, where in psychology it has been found that people tend to remember things that come at the end of a list better than things in the middle of the list. So, similarly this can be applied to studying, what we learn last will stick better. Sleeping stops input and at the same time starts the processing if the day and provides well needed rest for the day of the test. Another thing I do is fall back on my dreams. Every time I walk into a test I remember what I want from life and that this is the path to achieving the first step in the journey. Wanting to be a football coach is pretty uncommon, especially and NFL coach, and is a path less taken and very much difficult. Wanting to use that platform for greatness and spreading hope and love is something I aspire to do, and the test I have to take is a step towards getting there. Learning what I learn will help me advance, as well as to allow me to help guide and shape the young men I wish to coach and all the people I hope to inspire and aid achieving their goals by using my own platform to spread love and knowledge to the next generation. That itself will be a test, and I will approach it the same ways as I approach the ones I have now. One step at a time, one accounting test at a time, one sociology test at a time, one English test at a time, one inspiring role model at a time. Knowing your plans to help a world that needs it really puts things into perspective, and it certainly is a useful tool.

Tyler from Illinois
High School Senior
Plainfield South Highschool