Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, I have always taken testing very seriously and I am constantly scared to get a bad grade. I am two years ahead and It concerns me that if I have a bad test grade I may be told I am not good enough to be in an advanced grade. I usually start studying as far back in time as possible to make sure that I give myself the time to cover all the material that I must work through without rushing myself. Flash cards and quizlets are always wonderful resources but it is easier to understand the information than to memorize it. The entire goal with those who go to school and those who are tested is to learn, so why memorize? It is easier for me to learn information when I am talking about it with others who also understand the concepts, if I can teach it then I know it. Procrastinating is the enemy when it comes to retaining information, information sinks better into the brain when it is comprehended slower and followed by sleep. As important as the information is, eating healthy, drinking water, and getting lots of rest the night before is almost more important regarding a students performance on a test. Although these are the most standard test taking things, they are very important to me and I feel that they can be very helpful to others who are struggling. If there are students who continue to struggle thriving in one or more classes, they should not feel embarrassed to ask for help with a subject and understand it fully before the exam. Teachers are usually pleased that students care enough to ask for help comprehending the work fully.

Trista from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Hershey High School