Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my experience, nothing brings fellow students together quicker than the impending dread of an upcoming test. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed as much student solidarity as when we’re all cramming the night before a big test. For me, the best, most effective way to study for a test is by making and studying a Quizlet study set.
If you’re not familiar with Quizlet, it’s the best flashcard study app to ever grace the existence of students. With it, you can make your own study sets or even search for sets that other people have made (which comes in handy if you’ve procrastinated and don’t have the notes or time to make your own).
So, my first step in making a great Quizlet? Take notes. So many notes. All the notes. Think you have enough? Write down some more. Write everything you think you can remember on your own, everything you think might not be that important, everything you don’t understand. Good notes are the crucial foundation for a Quizlet.
Now, once I’ve got my extensive notes, I make sure I understand them all. Usually, I make sure to look them over throughout the week and ask lots of questions. Often times, I’ll even compare notes with other classmates to be sure that I have wat they have. You never know what someone else picked up that you might have missed.
Once I’ve compiled all the information necessary to study for my test, it’s time to really get to work. I put on some good music, open up Quizlet, and start transferring all my notes into a new set. By making my own Quizlet, I get the benefit of typing in all the information as well as being able to study it later on. By being doubly exposed to the information, I’m able to retain it much better.
Because I’ve boiled the Quizlet-making process down to a science, I’ve become somewhat well-known for my sets at school. In this way, I’ve always enjoyed being able to share my Quizlet sets with others to help them out in their test prep. I love that Quizlet allows me to share my studying process with others.

Kenna from Arizona
High School Senior
Northwest Christian School