Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hi there,
I've come to learn that preparing for a test is a very "independent and personal" approach to doing well.
We all have different ways of retaining information or formulating ideas when it come to test taking.
For me I am one of those people that needs to learn with seeing, hearing, touching and speaking. I would need to see all material from class to pull out what I will need for my exam, I then would have to touch my notes as I read the material pulled to study, I move on with hearing myself speak aloud as I study the material .
It's important that students understand that there is no "one way only" to prepare a an exam, especially when it is depending on the "type" of exam you are studying for.
I recommend that students figure out what type of leaner they are in terms of being one that see, hear, touch and speak to learn. They may find out that they are a person who can retain information by only reading, or can retain information by a combination of all the above mention.
I think success in test is possible for all who put in dedicated time and work hard to transition to the next level of their education or just the next level of their life to make things a little bit better for themselves and their loved ones.

Andrea from California
College Junior
Solano Community College