Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

This year my test preparation practices are slightly unorthodox compared to my past techniques. I have a 2 year old son who believes he needs to be involved with all class work I do. My basic techniques are printing out all important chapters for tests, as well as any excerpts, and using labeled tabs to indicate any information I felt was relevant to the test. This makes it much easier to flip to a section I am looking for. My son will have a a stack of his own post its, markers, as well as a computer opened to a blank document, so we can work side by side! He is very encouraging for me, because even though he has no idea what we are doing, he stays focused on his post its and computer, "Wowing!" at some of the things we do. I prefer to read the test chapters at my leisure, when I know I have more than enough time before a test. The two nights before exam day I will reread the chapters and skim over all vocabulary and important formulas that I had noted prior to test week. I think all students should have something that helps them clear their mind to refocus when they get a study block, and that "something" can vary very differently from person to person. Once I have hit a mental block during those last two nights of studying, I love taking my son to have a bath and put jammies on, then reading a bedtime story. This series of bedtime events with him calms me down and clears my mind, making it super easy to jump back into my study session after he is asleep, where I tend to study till 11 or midnight, no later. Getting a good night of sleep and waking up confidently always helps tremendously. Tests cause a magnitude of stress, and rushing around at home trying to "cram" is the worst tactic you can use. Nothing feels better than waking up knowing you are ready, grabbing your coffee, and heading to dominate a test!

Laci from Texas
College Junior
Texas Tech University