Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test can be difficult for any student. Especially one who struggles with test anxiety, like me. When I sit down to study for any test, I make sure I am in a quiet and comfortable environment where I am free from any distractions. There are many different ways I study for my tests. My most common method of studying is writing out as much information I can remember on the topic before going back over my notes to see if there is anything I missed. Once I read out the details I did not remember, I list them out and repeatedly go over them until I can recite them from my memory. Another form of studying I use is for major tests, such as a midterm or final. I make sure to keep all previous tests and notes in one place so that I can go over them and take notes of what I may have not remembered over time. Writing out your work is important, but I make sure not to try and remember too much at once. When studying, I make sure to give myself a break every so often so I do not become overwhelmed and distracted. Sometimes, I will get a group of friends together and study with them. Hearing other people break down information occasionally helps me understand the material better. Studying with my friends is a good way to keep me engaged and motivated in the topic. Not only does it help me pay more attention, but my friends will often help give me ideas on how to study. Such as flashcards or small rhymes to help me remember long stretches of information. When I have a hard time paying attention when I am by myself, I will read my notes aloud to myself. I have learned that when I hear myself say the material aloud, I have an easier time remembering it. Sometimes my notes are not always enough to go off of and I go back through my textbook and write down the main ideas of each section. This is always my last resort and never leaves me unprepared for a test. With these different techniques, I am able to walk into a test calmly knowing that I am prepared for anything.

Emma from Louisiana
High School Senior
Loyola College Preparatory