Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices for me includes fun studying! I lay out my flashcards, whatever subject I may be studying for and for every section I have memorized I get a treat which is chocolate. Another way I prepare is I surround my dorm with flash cards, if I want to open the door I need to answer the question posted up, if I want something from the fridge I need to answer whats on the flash card. I also post flash cards In the bathroom, whether i'm brushing my teeth or taking a shower I have flashcards in front of me. That is my way of test preparation, I surround myself of the possible things that might be on the test and it has been extremely beneficial for me for testing day. Lastly, I do kinesthetic learning which is learning by doing physical activities rather than just sitting and reading the textbook.

Liliana from California
College Freshman
california baptist university