Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout Highschool, I had several strategies that helped me pass almost all my test with a high grade. As the years progressed I developed my own strategies for success
I first have several rules that needed to be completed before I could move on to the actual studying portion. The first rule is making sure I have all the notes for the test, If I did not have the notes then I have to ask one of my classmates. Once I have my notes, then I make a list over the mayor topics that the teacher went over. Finally,the third rule is making sure everything is organize to finally start studying, this portion is where I get everything organized and ready. In this section I have to make sure all PowerPoints or lectures are ready and labeled with the section or chapter it corresponds to, and also this is where I get all my highlighting tools out.
Now comes the final moment, this is where I finally get started on the material I need for the test. Generally, test tend to cover large portion or chapter of the book. For that reason, I usually divide the amount of lectures per day. Each day I focus on one chapter and analyze what I am studying, I also include practice problems, to make sure I understood the concept. Overall understanding each concept is key in preparing for any exam, if you encounter any problem or you don’t understand a certain topic, It is always important to refer to your teacher or the course book. When you do this, you clarify any doubts or any mistakes you had over the chapter. I also suggest practicing a lot of difficult problems, that seem otherwise impossible. When you challenge your brain over a difficult problem, you are excercising your brain and allowing it to understand and not be afraid of problems that seem like trouble. We always have to remember our brain is like a muscle, the more you practice, the stronger your brain gets, and the better your test score. One last tip, don’t stress, always prepare ahead of time to assure you understand well.

Abi from Florida
College Sophomore
Florida International University