Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always had problems with my test taking abilities. For awhile it seemed no matter what I did my test scores would only improve by a tiny bit. I tried flashcards, practice tests, videos, nothing seemed to work. My ACT score just seemed to stay the same. This changed after we purchased the official help book from ACT. I completed the practice tests, timed of course, graded them, and saw why I got some of them wrong. This increased my score from a 24-27 from June-September, and from 27-29 from September-December. These new testing practices helped me enormously for now I qualify for more scholarships and I got into my college's honors program. Not all test preparations work for everyone, but once you find one that works, it helps you more than you could ever imagine. This book worked the best for me because of the type of learner I am. I learn best by doing, and seeing what I have done wrong. Other people might learn better my memorizing different test taking skills, like picking one letter for whenever you don't know the answer. This works statistic wise, but I like to learn from my mistakes so this book helped me learn what type of things to expect on the ACT and how to think about the answer.

Mary from Louisiana
High School Senior
Slidell High