Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The temperature rises in the room every second I glance at the clock. My brain is rushing trying to find ways to memorize information I should have studied weeks ago in a matter of minutes. Time runs out and I stare at the paper not knowing a single answer because I cannot possibly remember what I just crammed in my brain thirty seconds ago. I instantly know that I will not pass this test and disappointment waves over my body as I try my best to guess the right answer. I just experienced one of the many consequences of procrastination. In order to prevent myself from being in that position again, I developed my own strategy to prepare for tests in four stages: Grab a shovel, dig deep, find the treasure, and share the treasure .
The first step is to grab a shovel. Grabbing a shovel simply means to start studying. The first step is a guaranteed way to prevent procrastination. The hardest part of doing an assignment is starting the assignment. Once someone starts an assignment they are less likely to procrastinate.
The second step is dig deep. Dig deep simply means to read and learn the material and analyze not just memorize. Memorizing may work for a subject like biology but it very important to understand why the material is the way that it is. When a person learns their material it becomes easier to master it, which comes in handy just in case the teacher puts critical thinking questions on the test.
The third step is to find the treasure which happens after someone has developed an understanding for their course material. The buried treasure is the root of the information that someone is given. If a person understands the root of their material, then they will be prepared for any question about it.
The fourth step is to share the treasure meaning to share the information that you have found with other people. In this step a person can peer tutor or form study groups. While sharing their information they might gain even more insight from someone

Taylor from Tennessee
High School Senior
Bolton High School