Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having proper test preparation skills is essential for many reasons. Obtaining good study habits is important throughout your whole life. Preparing for tests also is crucial as you are learning imperative information; the better the studying, the more likely the information will stay ingrained in your memory. As a student in many AP's I have found ways that work best for me. I always begin with rewriting my notes in an organized and color-coded fashion. It is proven that rewriting info is better than merely looking over already written notes. After rewriting, I will make flashcards of important vocabulary or concepts as each class has at least one of those aspects. Flashcards are a quick and convenient method to study at dinner or out and about as they are often small or can be accessed by a phone. I then re-read any assignments or quizzes, evaluating any possible errors and ensuring I will not make the same errors for the test. Lastly, I will find a peer or a family member or even a dog and from memory teach them the topic. Being able to create an explanation of something proves mastery in a subject. Generally I begin this process as soon as the new unit starts, and work through the process until the day of the test. This has been most efficient for me as the content is crystallized in my brain rather than something I learn only for the test. This has prepared me for my future career of being a nurse practitioner. When in the medical field, it is vital to know procedures and everything from your college courses because it can be the difference between life and death. With friends who struggle with testing, I will recommend this studying method and they have reported a large improvement in scores as this is an efficient and successful method of studying.

Madelyn from Michigan
High School Senior
Hartland High School