Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I start with various sources to study and prepare for the examns. I love the study guide provided by Mometrix. It is really helpful and has most of the topics covered.
I start by planning to finish a particular topi or (couple topics, if they are small) per day. I make sure I am really fresh when i want to study. Also i start writing whatever topic I am covering for the day. I have fund writing helpful because it is easier to remember and way difficult to forget that data which you have written yourself. After that i also take pictures on my phone so whenever i am travelling or having a free time i open up those pages and start going through. This is really handy way to remember and study things.
Also i have an habit of preparing Flash cards. This is another thoughtful way to remember lots of names of the medications. Also organize your study pace. The easiest way to do so is check your own capability and schedule your time accordingly. one can also organize study groups with other friends or team mates who are appearing for the same test. That way it is easy to discuss or explain some difficult topic to each other.
Whenever you are actually studying depending on whatever is comfortable i like to take short breaks in between and that makes me feel fresh and give time to my brain to recall all the stuff i just learned before jumping on the nest topic. Try snacking on brain foods. The type of food that helps your brain. Prepare for the exam day so anxiety does not bother you. Set your expectations for the exam day. Keep thinking and telling yourself that I am ready for the exam. I know everything i should know for the test.I can do it and i will do it. This will give positive vibes to yourself. Trust me this helps a lot. Try this out for your next big test day.
Also you can use as many online resources as you can find. Don't forget to give online free tests before your final test to test yourself and you can check if there is any topic that need more attentation

Namrata from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Middlesex Community College