Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The overwhelming stress that comes with the anticipation of wanting to pass an important test is something that I experience day in and day out as a high school student that takes multiple AP classes. So being able to efficiently prepare and do my best to relieve such stress is a necessity. Me being a big fan of lots of music from multiple genres, there's nothing better than a nice relaxing song break in between studying intervals. This both relaxes and motivates me to study efficiently. The motivation to keep studying in order to make it to my next song break really gets me going. And if you haven't listened to Yo-Yo Ma you are missing out on so much in life. So to exactly clarify what my preparation practices are is studying the contents directly from given content or on memorization websites such as Quizlet for about 30-45 and then transition into a 10-15 music listening session of my favorite songs and then repeat multiple times until I have felt that I am able to memorize and comprehend such content strongly.

Christian from California
High School Senior
Merced High School