Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout high school, I have learned what forms of test preparation work for me. I have never been a great test-taker, but I have figured out which preparation practices help me the most.

The most important preparation practice for any test is to understand the material. A big mistake made by a majority of high schoolers including myself is that we try to memorize material without truly even understanding it. If you truly understand the material, this will make memorization easier, and allow you to reap the most benefits from your class. This can look like multiple things. The first preparation step that I take is to ask any questions I have for my teacher. Teachers are there for a reason and they are more than happy to answer questions. This can give you a second angle on the material.

In addition to that being helpful because your teacher can answer any questions, I am an auditory learner, meaning that I learn by listening and hearing the material. So after I have a good grasp on the material, I read through any notes or study guides available out loud. This really helps me to remember the material and do my absolute best on tests. Repetition is key. If I do not know a vocab term, I read over it numerous times until it is ingrained in my brain.

The last preparation practice that I use before a big test, which I especially use when I am a little behind on studying, is utilizing the internet. Youtube, Quizlet, Khan Academy, Google, there are so many amazing tools at or fingertips. When I am driving to school, instead of listening to music, I will listen to a Youtube video explaining the topic. Or in a study hall, I will find a Quizlet over the same topic and go over it. The internet is such a powerful tool that can truly make a huge difference.

Well, there you have it! These test preparation practices have truly helped me not only do good on my tests throughout high school, but they have allowed me to learn the material to the best of my ability.

Samuel from Ohio
High School Senior
South Range High School