Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

High school has taught me to use test taking strategy's. The majority of my classes have been make or break because of tests. This has led me to learn what strategy's work for me. My favorite test taking strategy is quizlet. Quizlet has many forms of practice. The flashcards have helped me memorize the periodic table, the test mode has helped me in my history and economics classes, and the match games have helped me pass English. The flashcards are mixed up and really help you break down the periodic table, making it easier to learn pieces at a time. The test mode is often what my american history teacher would use to test our knowledge, so I could practice the test on Quizlet before taking it for a grade. Test mode is made up of matching definitions and filing in the blanks. The match mode allows me to find the definitions to be able to match it with the word, however the catch is that all the words are scrambled and you have to find them. Being an athlete I am competitive, so the timed match game allowed me to see how quick I could match the words and definitions while competing against my classmates and anyone else who stumbled upon that particular lesson.
My next strategy is writing down the definitions and having my parents or a friend test me without me being able to see the words. This strategy allows me to have an understanding of what I'm going to be tested on. By writing down the material I had to think about what I was writing and it gave me a picture of the words. This exercised my visual learning. My parents would provide clues on the definitions, aiding me to learn audibly. As I got to more difficult classes the definitions weren't always given. I had to adapt and overcome, knowing every aspect of the material that was given to me.
Going into college I will rely on quizlet of having to make my own flashcards or another website that will allow me to access these resources. With my writing strategy I will see if I can get a friend to help me.

Joshua from North Carolina
High School Senior
Pender High School