Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My typical study techniques include creating a study tool and ensuring that I don’t try to only cram right before the assessment. Usually I will make flashcards with general topic questions on the front and bullet points on the back that answer that question. I try to define each vocabulary word given and highlight or underline the specific vocabulary words that need to be used in the response. My bullets are typically long and nearly full sentences so that I can memorize them as close to word for word as possible and use that wording on the assessment. This helps me make sure that my point is accurately portrayed in my answer.

I try to study a little bit each day from when the task is assigned to when the assessment takes place. This makes it easy to build on what I’ve already memorized each day until I can create a full response to a potential assessment question by the time test day comes. I start by just reading over the flashcards in their entirety and try to just associate what information goes with what card, and therefore what question is written on the front. This makes it very easy to think of a potential question and relate it to the specific card that has the full answer necessary to maximize points on the test. It’s also very helpful to picture the card and think of what each bullet starts with and where it’s located on the card. This is especially useful when lists are involved where I can picture the card in my head and see the order of the information. Acronyms are also very helpful with lists.

Overall, repetition is key in retaining information. I try to go over my study tool as many times as possible and usually read phrases out loud over and over until I remember the information.

Laura from Florida
High School Senior
Sarasota High School