Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For tests, I like to do the study guides that teachers provide me. If they don't supply their own study guides, I look over the notes and examples over the topics that I had the most difficulty grasping. If there is vocab, I like to study them using flashcards, and then quiz myself on them until I get 100% results at least two times in a row. For online study guides, I look over the questions, fill out the answers, and highlight the ones questions with a certain color. If I could recall the answer in my head, I highlight the question in green. If I could recall it, but couldn't quite give an explanation of it, I highlight it yellow. Questions I didn't know the answer to I highlight in red. I keep reviewing the questions in yellow and red and keep reviewing them until I can change them to me. They work for me because if I know a certain topic in the unit. then I don't think there is any benefit in me studying it, when my time could be spent studying a different topic in the course that I have had more difficulty grasping. For vocab, the matching helps me memorize the answers, and even when I miss an obvious one on accident, it makes the real answer stand out in my mind on test day.

Nathan from Indiana
High School Senior
Westfield High School