Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is important and I need a routine to ensure that I get the grades that I want. I have three main processes that make my test preparation effective. I start by making sure that I have good sleep because without rest I won’t be able to study or take the test well. Secondly I gather all that I need to study to my work station. Lastly I study for as long as I need until I can recite most of the material by memory. So I prepare in three stages that set me up for success.
Tests can be rescheduled and plans change so I try to sleep well all week which makes a huge difference on my test taking and study abilities. Getting good rest could look like going to bed early or it could look like skipping going out for fun on a given night. Rest is the foundation to my study technique and without it, test taking is much more difficult.
Gathering together everything I need for studying helps me by focusing my mind on studying and it reduces distractions from having to get up during the study session. I will gather my notes, food and devices to use for studying before beginning. Having everything I need to study sitting in front of me gives me no excuse to put it off.
The actual studying that I do varies in importance depending on how well I already know the material but still is important. My goal with studying is to study until I can basically recite the material from memory. If I have the right notes for the test then having them memorized is super helpful.
With all three of my studying practices completed I usually do well on tests and it makes studying faster. Having this routine has changed my high school experience and I think it will help just as much in college. Whatever the study technique is I think everyone needs one and no matter how mine changes I will have one for the rest of my studies.

Logan from Alaska
High School Senior
Grace Christian School