Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is crucial to succeeding in school, so the study techniques I use incorporates the three types of learning — auditory, visual, and tactile — for optimal integration of study material. First, most of my classes are lecture based, so I focus on my professor as he/she teaches the lesson as I take handwritten, short-handed notes to reference to later. Next, I gather my short-handed notes and rewrite them by hand in greater detail by referencing the slideshow that the majority of my professors post for us to use outside of class and the audio if available. My rewritten notes consist of color-coded writing in a neat manner and labeled pictures. My favorite place to write my notes is on my tablet because it makes it easier to draw pictures and edit my writing if I need to include something in the middle of my notes page. Then, for the topics that continue to be confusing to me, I look up videos about them and visit my professor to ask remaining questions about the topic. Additionally, if available, I will search interactive online activities to further my understanding the lesson by using a different method. Finally, I teach the lesson to others; sometimes I teach to my classmates and other times to an empty room. I prefer to teach the lesson to my peers because they can ask questions and give criticism for things I may have overlooked or explained poorly. My study method works for me because it reiterates the information and allows me to interact with the material in multiple methods. Even though I am mostly a tactile learner, I comprehend the most information when I incorporate a wide variety of study mediums into my routine, leading to my success as a student.

Brooke from Oklahoma
College Freshman
University of Tulsa