Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whether students like it or not, nobody can deny the fact that standardized tests are an important factor in college admissions. Additionally, the average high school test can be a major stressor for many students. Either way, by efficiently preparing for a test, one can maximize her results and take pride in the outcome. Throughout highschool, I’ve created a plan that helps me approach each assessment I take confidently.
Becoming accustomed to testing conditions and simulating them while studying is one of the simplest yet most useful ways to prepare. While studying for the SAT, I took five full length practice tests, complete with timed breaks and an audio recording as a “proctor.” Another aspect of becoming familiar with a test is learning the format. For example, I memorized the order and time limit for each of the SAT sections. This allowed me to minimize the amount of unknowns on test day, and focus on important things instead. These strategies have proven useful for tests I take in school as well. By knowing which types of questions the test will consist of, I can decide which study method will be the most practical.
Designing a personalized plan is another important element of studying. Because I’m a kinesthetic and visual learner, I study by writing out my notes, using color coded flashcards, or playing interactive games. Additionally, I write out examples and add notes in my own words to better understand concepts. This customization is certainly beneficial.
Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of studying is practicing healthy habits for your body and mind. I always have a waterbottle nearby when I’m studying. I also study in intervals and make sure I get enough sleep each night. Experts suggest eating protein before studying or testing, meaning you should always make time for breakfast before taking that test first period. By applying the methods explained, I’ve successfully prepared for both standardized exams and class assessments.

Madeline from Delaware
High School Senior
Charter School of Wilmington