Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student in the top 2% of my class grade, I value academics greatly and consider them to be important. However, I have worked very hard to reach this academic ranking. From a young age, I have taught myself study methods to help me achieve excellent test grades in school.
First, one method I enjoy is studying with a partner. When you have another person to study the information with, the information tends to stick better, and you could come up with more creative ways to remember and understand the information. I perform well on exams where I can study and review with a friend or family member.
A second method I use is reading the textbook. Many of my peers forget that there is valuable information. I use both notes and text to study content for tests. I tend to remember smaller details I may have forgotten.
My last and best method is to not procrastinate studying. I find that if I take more than one day to study the content, then I perform better on tests. Through using this method, you can learn the content in parts instead of all at once.
My plan after high school is to become an educator. I want to be able to share these methods with students so they can perform well on tests. My academics continue to be important to me and I believe others can benefit from the methods I used.

Caitlin from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Hazleton Area High School