Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for a midterm or final or any test for that matter, there are several different study techniques I use in order to maximize my study time and get the most out of it possible. First, I plan out what topics I need to spend more time on and which topics I understand the most and need a slight review on. Next, I go through my notes and rewrite any notes that are highlighted or have a star in my own words and provide examples of my own. Another study technique I use is rewriting diagrams and charts in different colors. When trying to think of specific terms or ideas, I can remember the different colors I used for different topics. I feel that writing notes and making flashcards by hand makes a huge difference in my memorization than using online typed notes. I also try to make mnemonic devices for any vocabulary words or ideas that I tend to struggle with or have a harder time remembering.
One of the most important study techniques I use is interacting and having academic conversations with my peers and the people around me. This includes my friends, family, professors, teachers’ assistants, anyone that is willing to have an academic conversation. Explaining different ideas or theories to others is a great way to apply the knowledge and content that you are studying in classes and textbooks. When you can apply the content you are being taught in the class, it helps to solidify that information and remember it. Professors and teachers’ assistants are great to help to expand your knowledge of the content you are being taught. Overall, there are many different study techniques that can be used in order to help apply and expand your knowledge on many different topics, while I have been provided with many different studying habits, I have also formed my own over the years of being in school. Each person has their own studying techniques that work for them and allows them to grow their minds.

Sierra from California
College Junior
University Of California, Santa Cruz