Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test preparation practices, a person needs a highly perfected and personalized system in place that's going to allow them success. That's exactly what I've been working on and what I want to explain. My plan involves a number of things like a location change, time management, and swallowing my pride, all in order to achieve maximum greatness for grades. I need the location change because I can't focus at home, meaning I go to my local diner to study. I'm there so much that I have a booth for studying and they know me by name. With this better focus, I can clearly see my goal and what I need to do in order to achieve that goal. I've dedicated my time to study, which means that almost every functional hour is spent towards study for my education. I invested in this system by following a practice of mine called future-proofing, meaning that I spend my present preparing for the future using what I actively gather and learn from. Sometimes I have to swallow my pride in order to do this because I have to strive towards enlightening myself in the now to be able to be prepared for what's to come next. An example this would be enrolling for a tutor, but I only associate swallowing my pride with this because I usually think that I can be fine on my own or I don't need anyone else to help. This open state of mind allows for exponential growth. Finally, these test preparations allow me success when it comes to my testing and other educational needs. I am able to excel because of my processes and dedication to fine-tuning my study tools.

Avary from Washington
High School Senior
University High School