Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many methods a student can prepare themselves for a test from simply reading the content of which the test is going be on to implementing fun and creative ways of studying. It just depends on the student's preference and how they acquire information, personally I study with flashcards and the help of other people. I love using flashcards because you can use it in different ways such as making a game out of them or simply by doing a word on one side and definition on the other. Another advantage of using flashcards is that you could use it no matter what subject you are preparing yourself no matter if it is English, math, science, economics, or history. To make my cards more effective for myself I buy color flashcards so I can either sort it by the subject or the topics. Color coding helps me very much because I like it when things are sorted out and organized. In addition, the action of writing the information on the card helps me memorize the content and helps me think back when I’m taking my test. Lastly, the cards are easy to take with you anywhere you go and gives you the option to study no matter where you are. In addition to using flashcards, I also get the help of my family, friends, or classmates. They help me get the listening aspect of my test preparation. They either use the flashcards I make and quizzes me or repeat the information to me from my class notes. Having someone help you with the content you are studying forces you to stay focus and can make it more fun. I like it when I study with someone that is also preparing themselves for the same test as I am. The reason being is that you guys can take a turn on quizzing each other. Even when you are quizzing them, you are still acquiring the information needed by reading the material or asking them a question. These two methods help me prepare for my tests because it consists of three important factors when taking a test. The factors are repeating, memorizing, and remembering the information.

Ariana from Georgia
High School Senior
High school: Tucker high school, College I plan on attending: Georgia State University