Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test preparation practices are not the usual, and they may even not be seen as “real” test preparation practices. I don’t do anything special or different than any other student preparing for a huge test. Before I have a huge test, I make sure to do my favorite thing, but in a bigger way: eat a great, balanced breakfast. Eating breakfast before a test calls for a greater mind during the test. It makes the testing situation another story (a better one) compared to no breakfast. Not only does breakfast make a test day enhanced, self-confidence does as well. Self-confidence is key to conquering a test on the big day. It not only does wonders to your scores, it helps eliminate the barriers that might reduce the test scores and bring about nerves. My test preparation practices of eating a big and balanced breakfast before the test and bringing self-confidence along with you ultimately creates the perfect formula for a testing situation.

Eliza from Texas
High School Senior
Robert E Lee High School