Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are a plethora of ways to prepare for an exam. As an Early College student ai had to adapt to studying for college courses while still being a Junior in high school. I was always one of the kids where they didn’t need to study hard for high school tests. Once I began at my community college I learned from other students and adapted to what would be best for me. I made sure to always go to class and take notes while also listening in on what my professor had to say. If I had permission I would record the lectures for later on. These are only a few examples of what I did to study for exams.
To begin, I would do what was needed before the class started. This included reading the assigned chapters and making sure any homework or assignments were completed. Once I got to class, if I had permission I would record lectures even though I was there to listen in class, I wanted them for later. As the professor went through the lecture I would take notes and make sure I was only writing the most important things down. Once class was over I would go home and really start the studying process. I would rewrite the notes in more detail from listening to the recording, taking information from powerpoints if they were given and writing down information from the book. One of my first collegiate classes was a political science class. I would do about two hours of studying twice a week by rewriting my notes from lectures. Once the exam came around, I would start preparing a week before the exam. I’d separate my notes for that exam into equal sections for the next five days. The next two days were for focusing on information that I hadn’t understood yet and to make sure I knew what this exam was going to include.
Some classes I had taken didn’t allow recordings or they would give powerpoints for us to use whenever. For example a Nutrition class I took my first semester in college. That’s when I’d make sure the book was read before class and it would be out during lecture as well. I would write notes and highlight potions in the book. Just like my political science class I’d go home right after and rewrite my notes and put more detail into them. I found for this class study groups had helped a lot. I got to know a couple people in my class and would get together once a week to study the material and try to help ourselves and others out.
Overall my favorite way to study is to make sure you do everything to prepare for the class to have some previous knowledge of what you’re about to learn and then take the time after class to analyze the new information, rewrite new and improved notes, and to get together with fellow students to help each other learn. Going from having to barely studying to studying for two hours after each class was a big change. Even though it is hard work to do in the end it is completely worth it.

Abigail from Michigan
High School Senior
Macomb Community College