Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is something I choose to do very often. I do it because it helps me learn better and prepares me for exams. I am a high school senior and since eleventh grade, I have been taking classes at my community college while taking regular high school classes. Being part of concurrent enrollment has given me a much larger workload and I have had to learn to manage my time so that I may succeed in my classes.

My favorite way to prepare for a test is by utilizing the notes I take in class. During class lectures, I take notes on what is being taught so that when I study for a test, I am able to look back at my notes which deal with that topic. By taking notes, I am able to remember the information I write down and it makes it easier for me to understand the test material.

Using my notes also enables me to create flashcards I can study off of and use when I am not at home. When studying for a test, I look over my notes and highlight any key notes or definitions and write them down on my own flashcards. If my teacher allows me to bring a page of notes for my test, then I look over my notes and try to make a separate note page with a combination of key points written in previous notes. If I am not allowed to use notes, then I always prepare using flashcards because they help me memorize my notes. And when I am having a busy week and don’t have time to sit at home for a few hours and study, I take my flashcards with me.

Overall, I would say that looking over my notes is the best way for me to study for a test because it allows me to go over all of the material the teacher went over in class prior to the test. When using this method, I am able to retain the information and understand what I am being tested on. This has helped me pass my classes both in high school and at the community college and I will continue to use this method when I enter a university.

Valeria from California
High School Senior
River Springs Charter