Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My great test preparation practices are when my teacher, for any class, gives me a study guide and I finish it the first day. Say we get the study guide that same week, Tuesday, and our test is Friday, I will take the rest of the week to practice vocab, any notes, and review the study guide. The day before the test I will dedicate that day to writing my own personal study guide with all the notes, vocab, and other important information.I'll be studying throughout the day, taking breaks too, because its important not to stress out my brain and have it relaxed, ill eat or do something I like in those breaks while studying. What helps me the most when preparing to take my test is ill take practice tests that my teacher will post and the answers I get wrong I'll put them on my personal study guide to get a better review on later. These are all ways that help me the best when preparing for any tests.

Kelly from California
High School Senior
Highland High School