Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always struggled with staying focused while studying and I have tried many different study tips. My phone is the biggest distraction. I have found these “study with me” videos on YouTube that have been extremely helpful. These videos use the Pomodoro Method, which is 25 mins of work and a 5-minute break. Using the YouTube channel works the best for me because if you close the YouTube page it pauses the video which pauses the timer. If I were to just set a timer on my phone and close out of the app, it would not pause. This method keeps me on track and focused.
Another study method I use is flashcards. I make probably thousands of flashcards a school year for all my classes! I’m a swimmer, so once I make the flashcards I can study whenever I have free time. My practice times can range from being at 5 am or 6pm, so I always have a crazy schedule. I have flipped through flashcards at the pool before and after practice or in the car. I love that I can take them with me wherever I go!
I also would recommend getting up early and studying. I have found that my brain works better in the morning before school compared to trying to will myself to stay awake late at night. I get to bed early about 9 or so and then get up about 4, drink some coffee and study for 2 hours (using the Pomodoro Method) till 6. This also helps to review a little bit for the school day.
Using all these methods have gotten me through high school and I will continue to use them to be successful in college.

Anna from North Carolina
High School Senior
Grimsley High School