Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Bailee Bradshaw. I am a freshman at East Texas Baptist University. I want to go to college to get my degree in psychology. I have always loved helping people with any problem they may be having, and I chose the psychology route so I could become a counselor. I have experienced several different people and some of their everyday difficulties, and I have learned that I like to be a problem solver. Seeing how much helping others makes me happy; this has shown me this is the field where I belong. After I finish school to become a counselor, I plan on opening up my own clinic. I want to be able to reach out to those in need and to counsel them to where they would like to be in life.
One thing that I use to study is making flashcards. I always quiz myself with flashcards until I have learned the material I need to obtain. After I learn the material, I will get notebook paper and write down the information I am trying to obtain over and over again so I can memorize the information. My final step in studying is getting online and finding practice quizzes and testing myself. If I get a question wrong over the information, then I repeat the process until I feel satisfied in the information I have obtained.
Therefore, I believe I would be a great candidate for this scholarship.

Bailee from Texas
College Freshman
East Texas Baptist University