Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

All throughout high school I was taught that one of the best ways to stay organized for test preparations was through taking Cornell notes. I found this method as a baby step on being able to set yourself to ask questions before lecture. Once in lecture, you’d feel a little more prepared by setting questions aside and being able to ask and receive an answer during class. Although I enjoyed organizing my notes with Cornell format, once in college I was able to adjust to a different method of studying with a similar concept as using Cornell notes. It was hard at first to try and learn with all kinds of material being thrown at me, but eventually I learned that understanding the syllabus agenda before class benefited me in many ways.
After my first year in college, I began to see that many students were using laptops in lectures. I didn’t want to use it because I’d get distracted easily and wouldn’t actually understand the content from lecture because I was too busy focusing on what to type. However, I adapted to studying with my laptop using Google docs. First, I read the chapters given from the syllabus then take what is important from the textbook and add it into a Google docs sheet. During lecture, I will then input the important teachings and combine them with my textbook findings. This method helps me understand the context of each topic and allows me to organize my reading material.
After understanding the material using this method discussed, I then further engage my learning by using a whiteboard. With a whiteboard, I am able to test my knowledge and easily erase the board over and over again until I feel the memory has locked it in. Although, I have used other methods I think my study prep has helped me become organized. It has been quite a challenge adapting to different kinds of learning behaviors, but I feel comfortable enough to suggest this method to other students with a successful outcome.

Raena from California
College Sophomore
West Coast University Orange County