Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for a test, I begin my preparation the day I am informed of said assessment. This starts with me entering the test information into my agenda so that I can keep track of it. When I have a chance, I open my agenda and compare the day of the exam with other due dates, and begin planning study periods each day leading up to the test. Each day lists what will be studied as well. I then make sure to adhere to this schedule.
As each day comes, I make sure to study the content I planned to study and to also review ahead and behind a little as well. During these study sessions, I use valuable online resources, fellow students, flashcards, and review guides. These work my brain in different manners, allowing me to memorize the information easier.
These tools not only allow me to memorize the information to do well on the test, they allow me to understand the content better, which in turn helps me to perform highly on exams. While these methods work great for me, they may not work the same for others, but what does work for everyone is to create a study plan, stick to it and use study tools, and seek to actually understand the content while you memorize it. After all, the real test you are preparing for is not what you sit in a classroom to take, it is the moment you are in the field or at work and it is critical that you use your knowledge of the content correctly.

Caleb from Maryland
High School Senior
Tuscarora High School