Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation serves are the fundamental aspect of nurturing the skill of memory retainment. Although the current generation of students dread the long hours of cramming certain information in preparation for an exam, they also understand that these tests prepare them for the vague future that their teachers call "real life."

Throughout my career as a student, I learned that each of my peers have a distinct method of forcing themselves to resign themselves to the long stretches of isolation and take in as much relevant information as possible. Some use flash cards to memorize formulas or long lists of words. Some review their notes, hoping to recall the lessons associated with the marks on the page. Some associate the required concepts with arbitrarily chosen words rendered into a song or saying. Some rely on the help of others to ease the pressure of time and the volume of information. An unscrupulous few rely on hidden reservoirs of information during the test to gain an unfair advantage against their peers.

Obviously, cheating is against the rules. I rather gain an advantage through working within the limits of the school's honor code and my morals than risk expulsion for plagiarism. Flash cards tend to get scattered and lost in my backpack due to the amount of individual cards that need to be taken into account. Associating information with cheesy lines and ridiculous acronyms only work if someone else created it. I prefer to work alone as studying is a time of inner contemplation over the fears of the oncoming tests.

Thus, I prefer to utilize my notes for test preparation. My notes tend to be incredibly detailed and mirror the lectures that my teachers give. During review sessions, I utilize my notes to properly review the contents of the upcoming tests. I use the help of my fellow peers if my notes do not contribute to the understanding of the topic.

Test preparation methods vary among students. I merely feel that the method I chose works for me.

Tyler from California
High School Senior
Carlsbad High School