Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

While preparing to study it is always key to remember to be in a relaxed setting possibly with some classical music or jazz playing in the background to help ease you into a calmer mindset. Before studying you should put your phone and any other electronic devices that you do not need for studying in another room where they will not distract you. After you have had a chance to study for a while take a step back make some flash cards and have another person help to quiz you on whatever you are studying. Lastly always remember to take brakes so as to not over exhaust your brain but don't go straight for your phone as that will only serve to further exhaust your brain get a snack drink some water maybe take a nap for a quick recharge. Even better yet go outside for a little while for some fresh air and if you still want to study take the flash cards you made with you.

Ray from North Carolina
College Sophomore
Cape Fear Community College