Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests are so scary for me. I hate testing more than anything in the world. Unfortunately for me, test taking is a normal occurrence in high school. I’ve been going to high school for four very long years and after bombing quite a few tests, I’ve finally figured out how to efficiently study for a test in fifteen simple steps. Step one, I cry. Step two, I calm myself down and I drink some water to rehydrate. Step three, I sit down at a desk or the kitchen table with all of the notes I've taken in class, all my homework assignments, and previous tests if available. I personally would recommend studying in a quiet and calm location, but as a student with four painfully loud younger brothers, plus a dog, I’ve learned to completely ignore everything going on around me. Step four, I look over my study guide and get an understanding of what will be on the test. Step five, I start using my notes, homework assignments, and previous tests to fill out said study guide. Step six, if I still have unanswered questions on the study guide even after using my resources from school, I use the internet and/or my dad to fill out the rest of the questions. Step seven, I take a well deserved 30 minute break. Step eight, I grab my notebook for the class I am studying for and proceed to write out the study guide, in its entirety. I neatly write the questions, the answers, and definitions (a highlighter is involved). This is impressive because my handwriting is just awful. Step nine, after I’ve written everything out in my notebook, I read it all 3 times. Step ten, I go to bed. Step eleven, I wake up the next morning, workout, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, read my written study guide as much as I can until I have to go to school. Step twelve, walk into class and review a little before the test starts (tears may be involved). Step thirteen, say a prayer and hope for the best. Step fourteen, take the test. Step fifteen, calm down because the test is over and I know I've aced it.

Shayne from Idaho
High School Senior
Lake City High School