Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have learned that, when seeking to learn something, repetition and memory are never mutually exclusive. My brain (and yours too, I presume) learns in the same way that the rest of my body does - read the definition, shoot the free-throw, inoculate oneself with a vaccine. Our bodies are made to take up patterns, and so I have gathered that our brain must play by the same rules. When studying, I look for patterns, I find rhythms, and I repeat them in my mind until they are muscle memory.

Take Spanish, for example: I have been studying it since I was in the eighth grade. Better understanding the language requires recognizing and memorizing the trends that occur, ingraining them in one's mind, and then proceeding to adjust for exceptions to the rule. If I am learning a new grammatical tense, I will memorize the conjugations of regular verbs and their employment, and maximize my ability to use them, before I proceed to learn the mechanics of irregular verbs.

Meredith from Texas
College Sophomore
The University of Texas at Austin