Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Scrolling through Tiktok or Instagram is never going to magically transfer the information into your brain, trust me, I have tried. As a test approaches, or multiple on the same day, as professors seem to have a knack for doing, I make sure to eliminate all distractions during the time I allot for studying.
I study in bursts, much like a HIIT workout. In order to maximize efficiency, I give myself 5 to 10 minute breaks between each half hour session of studying to stretch my legs, get a snack, or talk to my friends. I find that the best snacks for studying are popcorn and mandarin oranges. I don't know why, but it works for me every time. This makes studying feel less impossible by forcing me to confront only the half hour worth of material in front of me at a time.
During those half hour sessions, I first outline what I hope to get done, and how much time I should be spending on each topic. After giving myself a comprehensible goal, I dive into the material. I find that writing things out and having a hard copy of whatever i am studying is better than digital copies, at least for me, as being able to underline, highlight, and interact with the text allows me to memorize and understand it better, especially with life science classes. I heavily markup my resources: I highlight important ideas, jot down examples next to concepts I have trouble with, and I do practice problems along the way and write out my thought process so I can refer back to it or see where exactly I went wrong.
Lastly, I will look for more practice questions pertinent to the topic and then go through them, making sure I understand exactly how to do each. I find that practice problems help you weaknesses that you may not even realize. What is outlined explicitly in a text may have a little different application in an equation, and sometimes it just takes that practice to connect a main idea to a mathematical equations.
These are my tips for acing that test, I hope it helps someone somewhere!

Tianyuan from Tennessee
High School Senior
Collierville High