Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

We are Generation Z. No we are not Zombies, although some might think differently. We have been given this classification because we were born between 1998-2018. Our methods of processing data are different than any generation that has come before us. We have access to tools that previously were not available and we use these to our advantage.

Our teachers give us a subject matter and tell us where we can find necessary information on the internet. It may be an online text book or website, youtube channel or something else. The information is available to us 24/7 so preparing for a test doesn't take hours of study sifting through page after page in a paper book. We use search engines which make finding what we're looking for quick and simple.

We utilize these sources, but also look for corroborating information. Assuming that one search will tell all, or even tell accurately would be foolish. We ask probing questions, We study at our leisure, but we do study. We play video games and hang out with our friends. We take mental breaks so we don’t burn out, but we do study. The teaching methods in the classroom have had to change to adapt to today's technology and students.

We have the ability to absorb more information in less time because of these tools. We have our phones, Ipads, even our watches, which are connected to the internet. When all else fails, we go to our libraries or gather in study groups at someones home.

We develop AI technology which furthers our studies and test practices. We will find cures for deadly diseases. We will live in outer space and visit other planets. We are Generation Z and we study differently than you, but we study, and we learn.

We are the next "Greatest Generation".

Jade from Michigan
High School Senior
Plainwell High School