Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I find out what test I have to study for, I make sure I study in advance.The simple key is to prepare in advance and not to wait until the last minute. As soon as the test is announced, it is imperative to start right away and gather all of my notes. I take a lot of notes in order to understand the topic. Then I review each paper and then I rewrite the notes, making it more concise than before. If I need to understand a lot of vocabulary then I write flashcards to memorize them. After all of this, I prepare myself a practice quiz before I take the actual test/quiz. I make sure I understand each topic on the test reviewing before I go to bed. I make sure to bring my notes to school and test myself right before I go to the class. If the class is after lunch, I make sure to review during lunch and make my friends test me. This is how I review for tests.

Hyun from New Jersey
High School Senior
Northern Valley Regional Old Tappan