Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best strategy that has never failed me while I prepare for a test, was actually the advice of a former seminary teacher. While I am in class or reading my textbook, I always only take notes on the right side of each page in my notebook. This way after I have covered all the material for each chapter, I can go through and write down possible questions on the material that could make an appearance on the test on the left side of each page. After using my critical analysis skills to come up with in-depth questions, I have to look into the material again to answer the questions in an academic style. It really prepares me for the test when I meet up with a classmate and ask them the questions from my notes and have a conversion about the answers. which I can compare to the answers I wrote down previously. Many times the questions I ask are not the actual test questions, but they still allow me an opportunity to practice short answers with my new-found knowledge. It is easy to go over your notes or re-listen to the lectures, but the key to any written test to practice writing down and manipulating the information in a scholarly way to best articulate your point. Plus, this strategy forces you to go over the subjects the test is on, at least four times, and in different learning styles. If you learn the best by writing, listening, or doing things with the material, this strategy will work. These four times going over the information appear from listening to the lecture, writing down your notes, questions, and your answer, and engaging is a conversion with your fellow classmates. Taking this time to re-read the material lets me memorize the facts and gives me a chance to articulate the information in a critical analysis format so that when I have to show my understanding of an event to a concept on the actual test, I have the skills and knowledge to do so.

Laurel from Washington
High School Senior
River Ridge High School