Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for tests, I identify all the chapters of the book that will be included on the exam. I do a quick overview of lecture notes and make a note of all subjects covered. As I read though the book, I use post-it bookmarks to identify the subjects covered during the lecture. This will make it easy to cross reference my notes with the textbook. While I read through the textbook, I make flash cards. This forces me to reword the text into a question/answer format which also helps me process the information I have just read. To ensure I maximize my time, if I began to mentally drift and not retain what I read, I stop and go for a walk outside. Doing this seems to mentally reset my concentration.
Once I am done, I study the flashcards I have made from the textbook using the spaced repetition method until the exam. Just before the exam, I read through the notes and give a “lecture.” If there is a subject in my notes that I cannot fully explain, I have a quick reference using the post-it bookmarks to read over the information I am unsure of. If the material requires application of the learned information, I have found that the best way to do so is to answer the questions at the back of each chapter.
If I am expecting a particularly difficult exam, I chew gum when I study. During the exam, I am sure to chew the same flavor gum. I do this in an attempt to increase my ability to recall information.
The method I have devised was developed through several failures. Previously, I would have revisit material several times, re-reading text, which was incredibly inefficient and often result in me not covering all the material necessary for the exam. With this method, I read through the material only once, then use active recall to store the information into my long-term memory.

Shanocka from Louisiana
College Junior