Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is all about maintaining a confident yet calm approach to a challenge. I like to lay out the necessities and overall objectives before I take any test. What is it that I need to aim for and what do I want to aim for? By setting these objectives and goals straight, I can adjust my approach to studying and familiarizing myself with the challenge. Once I understand my objectives, I also need to understand the time frame I am working with. This helps me pace out myself and avoid the time slipping past me; so with every approaching moment I can mentally prepare myself much more adequately. Once my time frame and objectives are set, I can finally begin approaching the content for the test. First, I tend to cover the content I am already comfortable in. This helps establish confidence in myself and my ability to successfully fulfill the goals I have in mind. It also works as a source of motivation and sets the pacing going forward. From there I stem towards more difficult topics. Depending on what makes up most of the test's content, I tend to escalate based on difficulty and the likelihood of it's appearance. The more likely something will appear then the more emphasis it has. Based on the difficulty of the topic and those that remain, I may branch off to something more approachable or delve into the topic. By following this approach in unison with proper timing, it ensures that I am confident in my ability to meet my minimum requirements and properly approach the trial. For remaining topics I may not be able to fully explore, I usually find time to at least grasp the general concepts - or at least find out what I struggle with. That way I can recognize my difficulties with the content and find a way to work around it. This could involve approaching to the best of my ability or relocating that energy to something else in the test. Aside from these techniques, health and energy is also very valuable. Meaning I make sure to get rest and a good meal before.

Anderson from Maryland
High School Senior
Charles Herbert Flowers High School