Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I like to prepare for tests ahead of time. A theory that I learned that was presented by Ebbinghaus stated that it is better to learn a topic gradually over time rather than cramming the night before. I have two study playlists that consist of lofi-beats or chill R&B. Music helps me focus and block out the action that is going on around me allowing me to zone in on the task at hand.
Whenever it's time for a test I often refer back to my notes which I keep pretty detailed and color-coded with highlighters or colored pens. For my STEM classes, I often create sticky note diagrams because I'm a visual learner. I then begin to analyze my notes and re-read areas with important information that I know will be on the test.
My strategy varies based on what class I'm studying for. In my social science classes, I often refer to
CrashCourse videos as a refresher for subjects. With math classes, I turn to Khan Academy for extra assistance additionally I complete practice exams to better understand the topics that I'm learning. Of course, when preparing for a test it's crucial that I don't feel overwhelmed therefore I take short breaks timing myself I often will step away from my work just to clear my mind and grab a glass of water or a small snack.
The morning before an exam I advise being calm for me I will wake up early and fix a hearty breakfast like oatmeal with a cup of green tea. I like to stimulate my mind and also relax so sometimes I will use apps like Headspace to center myself. When I want to learn about what's happening in the world I'll pick a podcast to listen to my favorites are "Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness" and "Las Culturistsas". I also pray before I test it helps calm me.
I hope these tips are helpful for test preparation.

Monique from Illinois
High School Senior
Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep