Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As I lay in bed, I anxiously scroll through my phone's contact list. Where is my classmate's phone number, I begin to replay in my head? Is it under g, t, or was it l? My heart rate begins to rise as the thought of not knowing the answer continues to persist, but it quickly subsides once I find it. After I locate the subject line, I nervously press each letter to type in all caps EXAM HELP!

Fidgety, I wait for a response.

As I continue to twiddle my thumbs, I remind myself why reaching out is the best test preparation approach for me, especially during this time. With classes now moved online due to the coronavirus, I needed the extra help. Business Calc was simply not clicking anymore, and something had to change. So, I bravely decided to turn to people instead of myself, like I normally do.

Ten minutes later, I get a reply.

I carefully read my classmate's response and instantly became overwhelmingly relieved from their willingness to help. Almost to the point where I did not know how to respond.

Eventually, I did.

As time progressed, I increasingly became more comfortable asking math questions that stumbled me. Instead of hiding behind the fear of being judged for asking "dumb" questions, I started to look past that belief. I started to realize that asking for help was not a weakness, but rather a sign of strength. From that huge shift in thinking, my grades began to reflect this fact.

By continuously conversing with my classmates, I grew in so many different areas. For one, my ability to comprehend the fundamentals of Business Calc increased exponentially. So much so, that I felt comfortable enough to teach others. Aside, my confidence in completing practice problems by myself spiked, which served me well on my quizzes and tests. Although this shift was scary, it quickly became my new favorite technique to prepare for future exams. Instead of fully relying on myself to know everything, I could count on my peers to help me through it.

Shalina from South Carolina
College Junior
College of Charleston