Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I love studying! It took me a long time to find what works best for me. I researched and experimented many techniques and found that I needed to combine multiple test preparations. First, I hand write my notes in class and type them into a Google Doc. This helps me review what I learned in class. I then make Quizlet flashcards of vocabulary to understand key points of the material. Third, I create questions that my professor might ask on a quiz or exam to prepare myself for testing. After, I create visuals by drawing. As a biology major, I need to observe and imagine different structures like cells and the the body. This helps me picture what is happening in structures and aids me. I can look at my visuals and describe the key points occurring. Lastly, for me to make the material concrete, I watch YouTube videos. I watch channels CrashCourse and Amoeba Sisters because they provide easy explanations and quirky narration. I watch the videos closer to an exam because I can remember the material better. These practices help me to conceptually know the material and truly learn. I like how with every step, I creatively review for an exam. I am visual, reading and writing, and auditory learner, so by incorporating all of these steps and practices, I can better my knowledge.

Leigha-Mae from Massachusetts
College Freshman
Elmira College